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  • « A family practice of two doctors and one orthodontics specialist with international experience will give you all the information, a detailed diagnosis and complete treatment of your dental system. »

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  • « ODr. Eva Skorupski Uravić dental medicine practice and its multipurpose office is located in the center of Pula, with working experience since 1995. »

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  • « We are focused on the overall condition of the mouth, teeth and gums because we know how important oral health is for the entire body. Because health always comes first. »

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  • « Our goal is to have healthy and satisfied patients with a beautiful smile. We provide individual approach, professionalism and courtesy for each of our patients, safe and comfortable dental services all in one place. »

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  • « We use the latest technology for the benefit of achieving the best health effect, which is proven by our certificates. We use only tested and high-quality materials of world famous brands. »

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Dental Practice

Dr. Eva Skorupski Uravić dental practice is a multi-purpose office located in the center of Pula, and began with its work in 1995.

Our goal is to have healthy, satisfied patients with a beautiful smile and good chewing skills. Individual approach, expertise and kindness allows everyone to feel safe and comfortable and to get all dental services in one place: conservative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics, implantology, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, prevention and children's dental medicine.

Equipment and Quality of Work

We provide all the latest technologies and equipment so we could be able to give the best health effect, as evidenced by our certificates. We use only tested and proven materials and procedures in dental medicine for the treatment of teeth and oral cavity.

A family practice of two doctors dedicated to their work will provide all the information, detailed diagnostics and complete treatment of dental system. Professionalism, quality and guarantee are the main characteristics of our work.


First examination and preparation of the treatment plan for free

with intraoral camera and RVG

Dental Services

Oral Hygiene

Professional cleaning and polishing of teeth and tooth roots, tips on oral hygiene by using demonstrations, video display or flyers.

Children's and Preventive Dental Medicine

The fight against cavities by strengthening the enamel and neutralizing acids from saliva with coating pastes full of minerals (GC preparations), treatment of hypersensitive dental necks, preventive sealing, SIC fillings, splints for bruxers, dysfunction of the masticatory joints, LASER treatment of herpes, mouth ulcers, ulcers, trauma


Laser, RVG, orthopantomograph, bite wing, LL kephalogram, intraoral camera, analysis of dental models with articulator

Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Fixed and mobile orthodontics for all ages, aesthetic orthodontics using ceramic braces or Invisalign, special attention on interceptive orthodontics and preschool children

Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics

Highly aesthetic composite fillings, machine treatment and disinfection of dental channels with lasers, glass fiber posts


Mobile: acrylic and metal dentures, telescopes, combined works, fixed: full ceramic, zirconia ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, splints for bruxers, cosmetic veneers with the use of CAD / CAM technology, onlay-overlay, inlay of gold or diamond


Curettage of periodontal pockets, laser treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis, periodontal surgery and gingivectomy, solving the gummy smile, the extension of the clinical crown of the tooth

Oral Surgery and Implantology

Removing teeth, implantology (PHI), upgrading bones, sinus lift, dentures on implants (on all 4), impacted wisdom teeth and retained, apicoectomy, root resection, laser disinfection alveoli


Laser teeth whitening, dental jewelry, Venners, filling facial and lip wrinkles with hyaluronic acid


Years of experience, warranty on the white fillings, prosthodontics and implants Our brands: GC, Ivoclar Vivadent, Gradia, Kavo, Protaper, Kerr, Voco, 3M, Elexxion, Planmeca, Curaprox, PHI, Canon

Immediate younger look by filling in your wrinkles with dermal fillers and botox




Orthodontics is a modern branch of dental profession that deals with the correction of irregular teeth position and relations between the jaws. After a detailed history and analysis of the collected data (photographs, analysis of models, panoramic and LL-craniogram recording), a specialist diagnoses and determines appropriate treatment adapted to the demands of the patient.

Taking advantage of natural force for growth and development in children, emphasis is placed on the functional development of bone and masticatory joints. The interrelationship between them and the correct position of the teeth in the bone makes it possible to have equal distribution of the forces of chewing and preserves the integrity of the temporomandibular joint and surrounding structures. Often in younger patients are used only mobile braces, fixed or in combination of both.

Interceptive orthodontics is prevention which, if it begins as early as possible, prevents serious dentoalveolar anomalies.

Later in life, as adults, it is also possible to correct dental irregularities, mainly using force with fixed therapeutic aids and mini implants. For those with high aesthetic requirements invisible orthodontic device Invisalign® is the best choice. Invisalign® treatment is faster, more efficient, more comfortable and corrects aesthetic anomalies without the risk of caries or emergency procedures in orthodontics. Also, it is ideal for travelers or patients with little free time because clinical work in the office is reduced to a minimum, and the controls are every 2-3 months.

Orthodontic treatment also helps with excessively worn (bruxism) and overloaded teeth (traumatic occlusion), periodontal weakened teeth (bone loss and withdrawal of the gums), pains in joints, migraine, tinnitus, improves the masticatory efficiency and as a result we have right, healthy and beautiful teeth.

The active orthodontic treatment is followed by a passive retention phase which lasts for several years. If we want to preserve the stable position of the teeth, we use fixed or mobile devices (and invisible too!).

Oral health is health of the whole organism, and perfect aesthetics certainly boosts confidence, success and makes life more joyful.


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What is Invisalign®?

Your confidence. Your outlook. Your life. And with Invisalign, achieving the smile you always dreamed of doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact, it barely has to impact your day-to-day life at all. Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position. Comfortable, clear and removable – Invisalign transforms your smile without disrupting your life. Something that over 3 million people worldwide have already discovered. Are you ready for your new smile? More at this web page.

How Invisalign® works?
Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements your dentist or orthodontist plans out for you.

There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. You just pop in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete. You’ll achieve a great smile with little interference in your daily life. The best part about the whole process is that most people won't even know you're straightening your teeth.

Check if Invisalign® is intended for you here.

Invisalign® video

Learn about the principles of operation and application methods

Laser Treatment of Periodontitis

Periodontal diseases start from the plaque on the teeth and gums, the infection spreads through the dental pocket which destroys the periodontal ligament and loses the dentin. Because of loss of the solid support, teeth become loose and eventually fall out. Periodontal disease can affect one tooth, several or all teeth in the mouth. It always starts with gingivitis. Gingiva is red, swollen and it's bleeding on touch. With the lack of oral hygiene, plaque hardens into tartar and eventually the symptoms may only seem better, but soon it gets followed by a chronic phase, especially in long-term smokers.

Numerous scientific studies show that periodontal disease affects the development of systemic diseases: heart disease and circulatory system, diabetes, infertility, premature birth and low birth weight, chronic lung disease and rheumatoid arthritis. The success of curing depends on which stage the treatment begins, the earlier the better.

Using advanced laser technology is much more effective treatment of periodontal disease than conventional methods. The advantage of the laser is in a rapid and painless destruction of harmful bacteria. The addition of Periogreen achieves photothermal effect, stops bleeding, promotes circulation and biostimulates mucous membrane. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid the antibiotics whose over-consumption is harmful.

Maintaining a perfect oral hygiene and your dentist's instructions, with regular controls and reporting, you can almost forget about your periodontal disease. The surface of inflamed gums can be compared with the surface of infected palm-sized wound in adults. For such a wound you would immediately ask for help, right?


Anti aging!

Natural therapy, no side effects

See more: PDF


The Revolution in Skin Rejuvenation

PRP stem cells rejuvenation from your own blood

"Smart" concentrate rich in blood platelets, stem cells and leukocytes in fibrin grid is a definite leader these days in the application of biological therapy in dental medicine and dermatology. Regenerative medicine has made a revolution in the research for new treatments. This makes it possible to use resources in your own body for self-healing. This is an innovative and promising approach in the process of tissue repair as a natural and completely safe way to stimulate our cells and due to high concentration of growth factorto regenerate the soft and hard tissue. With centrifugation of the patient's blood we get extremely valuable fractions of blood. It is autologous preparation with platelet-enriched fibrin (Patel Rich Fibrin / Plasma). This regenerative matrix contains large amounts of platelets, which release growth factors and is widely used in dental surgery, implantology, periodontology and facial aesthetics.

PRF/PRP is usually used for:

conservation of bone volume after tooth extraction
reducing pain and swelling after surgery
lifting the bottom maxillary sinuses prior to the implant placement
increasing bone ridge with patient's or artificial bone
healing and improving the mucous membranes: accelerating the natural processes of cell regeneration
in periimplantitis and periodontology it has anti-inflammatory activity against bacteria and enables the growth of new bone


Due to high concentration of protein, fibrinogen, stem cells, leukocytes and platelets, the liquid matrix (i-PRF) is used in the aesthetics of face and skin. It is directly injected into the tissue or there are surface masks for the face and dark circles. There is no possibility of allergy, hypersensitivity or rejection of the preparation because there is only the healthiest taken out of your blood without any additives.

i-PRF benefits:

enhances the production of new collagen and new blood vessels, so-called "tissue of youth"
the skin regenerates and reduces inflammation, so called "skin rejuvenation"
reduces the facial wrinkles, skin is hydrated, it becomes smooth, elastic, so-called "Botox effect"
it can be combined with other treatments to stimulate biological effect and improve the texture and skin tone (combined with hyaluronic fillers extend their period or restores the skin vitality after too long application of fillers)
it is recommended to do 3 consecutive treatments every 7-10 days, and repeat 1-2 Years

If you want to rejuvenate facial skin without the use of synthetic and strange substances in your body, choose a fraction of your own blood which will rebuild new and healthy cells and not only give the impression of youthful appearance, quickly, easily and safely.



Loss of teeth due to cavity, fractures or accident leads to disorder in the teeth and in chewing process and of course, disturbance of aesthetics. The individual has trouble eating, is losing weight and immunity, has trouble speaking and is not satisfied with their appearance. The purpose of titanium implants is to replace tooth root in healthy bone and to establish a healthy masticatory function fixed, with crowns or bridges and mobile, with acrylic dentures (all on 4 technique). The procedure is painless (as it is performed under local anesthesia and lasts for a relatively short period), after which the patient goes home and, if necessary, uses cold compresses or painkillers. After a period of osseointegration (2-3 months) we do an upgrade and superstructure. The implants undergo very strict controls before using it as a therapeutic tool and are opened just before the procedure for the first time. Therefore, it is absolutely sterile and the prognosis reaches 95%. All studies have proven it to be the best replacement for missing teeth mainly because the surrounding teeth do not touch each other. However, they must meet the conditions of perfect hygiene, teeth should be repaired and the bone and gums must be healthy. If there is not enough bone, it can be built on. The health status of the patient is very important and therefore it is unquestionable that detailed medical history has to be carried out to conclude the best therapeutic alternative. Arrange a free consultation regarding implants!


in Berlin founded Ihde dental
countries and more use our implants
implants are produced annually
years warranty

A revolutionary system for implants!
Immediate load and all the denture almost in 72 hours
Contact us for individual consultation

Dr. IhdeDental has developed implants which work even in unusual cases and in situations with very low bone. Thereby bone transplants and augmentations became unnecessary.

What are the advantages of the IHDE Dental concept?

The IHDE Dental concept has changed the world of implantology completely! In our clinic you will become free of all dental worries and will be back in your normal life very quickly.

Every patient can get fixed teeth right away, without waiting out the healing period and without without bone augmentations or intermediate dentures
Our extensively trained surgeons utilize cortical bone in all areas of the maxillo-facial skeletton. This bone is resorption-stable and strong. For this reason we install bridges right away and splint the implants thereby
Specialized dentist-technician will give you a sound and safe bite through these bridges. You may eat everything right after the bridges are installed!

We use a revolutionary patented implant system, which gives almost unlimited possibilities. You can find more information at: http://www.simpladent.hr/, http://www.implant.com/en/

Free accommodation in our apartments

During the multi-day dental services you will have free accommodation.

Dental Tourism


"Our goal is for you to save and still get all the quality".

Dental Studio will follow you from the start of your dental services until the very end. You'll always have a reference on Croatian, Italian, English and German (by phone and online) and in case of immediate needs, you have the ability to get examination on weekends and holidays.

For patients from Italy - scarica il PDF!

Our interest is to provide the best and most affordable all inclusive treatment and all possible alternatives. Aware of the different dental and aesthetic requirements, you will be offered a choice of treatment options (pre- and post-operative plan, required period of time, costs).

When dental work lasts for several days, you will be located for FREE in Apart Hotel Miriam (see gallery), accompanied by medical personnel and transport to the surgery.

Let us be in the all inclusive organization, and we'll give you back the smile you deserve!


Furthermore, we offer

  • The use of certified materials and modern technology

    CAD / CAM technology, laser, RVG, software for the design of smile and the result of work before starting work (Invisalign®)

  • Follow-up after dental surgery

    Free regular checks and on-line consultation in all languages

About Us


DMD Eva Skorupski Uravić

Eva Skorupski Uravić, DMD, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb and her working life immediately began in Dom zdravlja Pula. In 1995, among the first approvals for private work, she opens office to the present address in the center of Pula.

She continued her professional education attending renowned congresses and professional courses at home and abroad in order to be in progress in all areas of dental medicine, to diagnose anomalies but also in planning and execution of successful therapy. Her knowledge and skills in surgery and implantology she gets in Padua so she could always be able to provide to her patients the most modern techniques of treatment and replace missing teeth.

In 2012 she adds a contract with HZZO by which dental services are provided to patients who want dental work paid by basic health insurance. At that time she extends the workspace with a new equipped dental unit in order to increase the business volume.


DMD Mirjam Uravić, MSc orthodontics

She graduated in 2012 in Rijeka. After completing one year internship in Rijeka and Pula, she started working at the dentist's office where she improves in all fields. She regularly attends working professional seminars at home and abroad, highlighting the diplomas of Padua and Vienna. In 2014 she enrolled in the Master of orthodontics in Austria under the professional supervision of dr. Martina Witdorf-Rollof and started with Orthodontics in her office. In 2015 she entered Master for Invisalign® treatment and became the first licensed doctor in Istria. The vision is to expand her dental activity and focus on orthodontic anomalies in children and adults.

In 2017. is proudly awarded the Master of Science in Orthodontics.


DMD Martina Wittdorf-Roloff, spec. orthodontist

She graduated from the University of Rostock, Germany, in 1980. She gets her specialisation in Orthodontics in 1986. After twenty years of professional experience in her two private clinics for Orthodontics in Schwerin and "Neuhaus an der Elbe" in Germany, she moved to Pula.

Since 2007, she works regularly in the United Arab Emirates as a consultant and attending world seminars for lifelong learning. She has over 35 years experience in orthodontics. In 2014 she takes on the role of mentoring dr. Miriam Uravić in her office in Pula and runs her through specialization in orthodontics.

Her main mission is high-quality and detailed diagnosis of orthodontic treatment of dental and skeletal anomalies. She believes that interceptive orthodontics is the key of regular growth and development and that orthodontic anomalies in children should be identified as early as possible. With modern techniques in orthodontics she achieves optimum aesthetic and functional results in adult patients. She uses the highest quality mobile and fixed appliances.


Natalija Štimac, dental assistant

In 1996 she ends nursing school, direction dental technician in Bjelovar. Further specialisation for dental assistant ends in Zagreb in 2015.

In 2017 she was employed in the practice of dental medicine at the position dental assistant and actively participates in international training courses. She likes teamwork and work with children, and her special challenge is to work during the surgical intervention. In the future, she wants to improve in the assistance of orthodontics. Her serenity and expertise makes the office a pleasant place for all patients.


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